Being aware of the situation our planet is facing, Soubi Studios is a brand that not only cares about giving life to incredible pieces but also about the impact it creates with them. That is why all of our lycra fabrics are sourced from the best Italian mills, who focus on having a eco-friendly strategy by combining innovation and attention to quality. 

All of our garments have a natural impalpable hand-feel, they are chlorine resistant, they do not pill or curl with time and they have the perfect breathability and adherence to the body that will make you feel comfortable at all times. The fabrics are carefully designed to be quick drying, wrinkle free, sun blocking and easy to take care of.

But how does that work? Here we explain it to you:

Our fabrics go through an all-encompassing procedure developed to cut down water, energy and chemical consumption to reduce waste and carbon emissions. This process aims to make consumers more involved in an eco-sustainable development with each of their purchases. Our fabrics also have six important certifications

  • PEF CERTIFICATION: PEF (Product Environmental Footprint).

  • ISO 14001 CERTIFICATION: The certification for conformity to standards UNI EN ISO 14001 is renewed every year and attests that fabrics meet the environmental management requirements set out in the standards.

  • OEKO-TEX: Attests that fabrics do not contain and do not release any harmful substances that can be hazardous to people’s health. Finished products undergo painstaking laboratory analyses checking for the presence/release of harmful substances.

  • EU REACH REGULATION: REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) is a recording, evaluation and authorisation system that governs the use and import of harmful chemicals.

  • CM 4SUSTAINABILITY: The Chemical Management certificate declares the adoption of the ZDHC protocol for the elimination of toxic and harmful substances in production processes. 

  • GLOBAL RECYCLED STANDARD (GRS): Certifies products made by recycled material in respect of environmental and social criteria concerning all the production chain.

All of our pieces are designed and created with you and the environment in our minds. We want to contribute for a better future by making a positive impact, that is why we sustainably source for the best quality materials so you can feel at ease with each of your purchases. Not only will you feel amazing wearing our garments but you are also making a socially responsible purchase.