Based in London, ​​Soubi Studios is an eco-friendly brand and studio that creates elevated skin-wear that will fit you like your second skin. Our clothing is incredibly versatile and can be worn for various activities. All of our fabrics are made of recycled nylon and plant based products such as modal, and they are manufactured locally by specialists in the field.

Our pieces are made to move with you and your soul. They are modern, sculptural and sexy; they focus on the ease of movement and adaptability to the body as we seek to transcend the traditional ideas of body wear to a meticulous commitment for uniqueness, innovation and craft.

SOUBI pieces are crafted having the women’s body in mind, designed with breathable stretchy fabrics that allow different body types to fit our styles. With every piece, we aim to give a second skin feeling, by exploring the relationship between skin, fabric, body and garment.

We don't fear change, we embrace it. We are a community of bold, original and creative women who want to have fun, express themselves and feel amazing while doing it. 


We care about the ‘how’ we source our materials and the ‘what’ we produce with them, so in the next few years our main focus is achieving softer products with low environmental impact. Diverging from the typical ‘four collections per year’, Soubi will reduce waste by releasing small collections on an inspiration only basis. Evolving and expanding according to our customers' feedback.


We believe that the future of fashion is heading towards a more circular and sustainable economy. So our objective is to revolutionize first skin garments by creating sustainable and hybrid pieces that can be worn day and night. We are committed to make women feel good in their own body by using super stretchy fabrics (all certified and highly sustainable) that embrace and fit every type of body. 


Our goal as a conscious brand is to generate a positive impact on our customers and the environment. We aim to inspire, motivate and create a community moved by playful and empowered women who enjoy wearing unique and trendy pieces.