With a keen eye for pulling, twisting and draping of fabrics, Sofia Bianchi is a recently graduated Women & Mens wear based in London.

Sofia Bianchi’s graduate collection “Anamorphosis” was influenced by Contemporary Visual Artists. Anamorphosis is gradual change in form from one type to another. The surrealism of today is well represented through biomorphic and body-like shapes. Anamorphosis creates a scenario in which pulling, wrapping and deforming fabrics are the key elements. Sofia creates surreal scenarios so her designs coexist.

In Summer 2020 she finished her BA in Fashion Design at Isituto Marangoni London. She has always been focused on exploring the relationship among skin and fabric, body and garment.

Her collection constantly explore ways on how to distortion fabric across the body to create stretch and non-stretch effects.

Using inspiration from many dance disciplines and from the body itself, Sofia explored various different techniques such as draping, gathering, pleating, twisting, knotting, layering and paneling, giving the garments a unique and eclectic style.

Her collection also used fabrics and silhouette that represent movement, elasticity, the skin, and how each body can fill and adapt a garment differently, creating volumes and changing forms.

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