Sofia Bianchi’s graduate collection “Anamorphosis” was influenced by Contemporary Visual Artists. Anamorphosis is gradual change in form from one type to another. The surrealism of today is well represented through biomorphic and body-like shapes. Anamorphosis creates a scenario in which pulling, wraping and deforming fabrics are the key elements. Sofia creates surreal scenarios for her designs to coexist.

By draping fabric and twisting it around the mannequin, and also around her own body, she has created a very corporal and elastic collection. These shows the ways in which Sofia works. She uses also digital tools to distortion the draping's she constructs in real life. For this, she gets a lot of inspiration from visual artists that use the skin, the body, stretchy materials and organic shapes to create structures. Sofia also creates different designs by drawing directly on the body, drawing voids, lines and pleats that are the starting point of the final piece idea.

After she marks the lines of her bases like a body painting on the fabric; She starts draping on top of them. Creating different stretch and non-stretch effects. She layers a lot her garments and plays with shear and not sheer materials.

 This is Sofia’s final collection line up. Due to the corona virus pandemic, Sofia was only able to create looks , two, three and four of her collection. For her final shooting she created some new pieces which where the launching pieces of her own body wear, dance wear and activewear brand “Soubi Studios”. Most of the garments are made by stretchy materials, such as lycra, jersey, power mesh and velvet. Very sporty and dance. Sofia’s graphic final line up illustrations have been made to look like her; she did a self portrait of herself.