'The full moon brought me luck and clarity and I am feeling thankful...' - Sofia Bianchi

Soubi Studios won the Incubator Programme after being selected the best upcoming fashion brand by Istituto Marangoni London. 

A long this process, Sofia had the amazing opportunity of being mentored and guided by Zedonk, the specialist in business management softwares for the fashion industry and Paul Alger, director of the UK Fashion & Textile association.  

She first learned about the Istituto Marangoni Incubator Programme during 2020, while she was working on her final project for university; deep inside she knew she wanted to build her own brand and expand her knowledge beyond fashion design. So, applying to the incubator was the perfect opportunity to leverage the work she was doing and achieve that goal.

Despite not winning on 2020, the process resulted as a great learning opportunity to her, she developed the first concept of Soubi and also identified the areas that needed more work in order to be successful.

Using her previous experience, she came back better prepared the following year, after working very hard on a detailed business plan and having already proven that Soubi had product-market fit with some traction on the sales side. This challenging and incredibly enriching experience allowed her to win the incubator in 2021, and she is decided to participate once more as there is still a lot of learning and work to be done in order to get Soubi to the highest position. 

Sofia has a very strong business side and she is committed to further develop it, nurturing her fashion designer backgrounds but broadening her knowledge into other aspects of the fashion industry too.

You can find more information with the latest updates here.


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